Online nominations are welcome from industry participants and the general public. Submission of nominations is completely free of charge and a staged process of evaluation is followed for each nomination.

Stage 1: Submission of Nomination Form
The Nomination form, duly filled along with supporting documents are submitted.

Stage 2: Confirmation Email
The Awards Team will send you an email of confirmation that your submission has been received as per the required format. Nominees will also be intimated of missing information, if any.

Stage 3: Compilation & Segregation of Information
The Awards Team will compile and put together all information for scrutiny and analysis by the Panel of Judges.

Stage 4: Deliberation of Nominations by Jury Members
At this stage, the Panel of Judges will discuss & deliberate on the authenticity, validity and candidature of the nominations received.

Stage 5: Intimation of Decision
Successful nominees will be intimated of the Panel of Judges decision and will be invited to attend the Award Ceremony to receive their Award.

Submitted nominations that comply with the nomination and submission rules, will be reviewed by a qualified technical research team for completeness, and then forwarded to the Panel of Judges for their evaluation and assessment.