Celebrating Growth, Innovation and Progress in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry

The Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry(NESI) pre and post-privatisation, continues to be fraught with challenges. Despite the challenges, there has been measurable progress and growth in the sector. However, a lot still needs to be done to address many of these challenges and improve electricity access to millions of Nigerians and businesses who do not have access to electricity or are under-served.

The Nigeria Power Sector Awards is an initiative designed to recognize, celebrate and promote public and private sector organizations and individuals in the NESI, who by their investments, and activities have demonstrated a track record of progress, growth and innovation in the NESI.

This Awards, organised by NPS Awards Limited is a prestigious event to showcase progress, growth and innovation in the NESI and by so doing, facilitate strategic efforts at changing the narrative of the Nigerian Power Sector.

The 2022 Awards, is set to beam the spotlight on corporations, public and private organisations,  individuals, initiatives, deals, and projects in the NESI. This award cuts across the entire value chain of the NESI.