Prof. Barth Nnaji is a renowned innovator and former Minister of Power.  Prior to this position, he served as the Special Adviser to the President on Power and the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Power. The Enugu state born Mechanical & Industrial Engineering professor studied Physics at the St. John’s University, New York USA and holds a dual MSc/ PhD degree. As the Chairman of the Presidential Task Force on Power, he was responsible for developing the Roadmap for Power Reform in Nigeria. He subsequently led the implementation of the Roadmap as well as privatization of PHCN while serving as Minister of Power from July 2011 until his resignation in August 2012

Prof. Barth Nnaji is currently the Chairman of Geometric Power Ltd, a company he started in 2000 and till date is the first indigenous owned power development company in Nigeria.

Geometric Power Limited brought in the first high efficiency combined emergency power station in 2001 for Abuja. The 22 MW Emergency Power Station successfully supplied uninterrupted power to a dedicated distribution network within Abuja and its environs.

Prof. Nnaji’s experience in executing the Abuja 22MW emergency power project led Geometric Power to develop the “Integrated Power Solutions Model” which essentially entailed thedevelopment of power generation and distribution companies that serve the needs of industrial, commercial and residential areas in an economic cluster. To illustrate the Integrated Power Solutions model, Prof Barth Nnaji conceptualized the Aba Integrated Power Project, to supply reliable power to industries, commercial businesses, residences and other power off-takers in Aba ring-fenced area through construction, operation and delivery of electricity from the 140 MW gas fired power plant.

In addition, the construction of over 100km brand new industry-centred distribution lines will ensure the delivery of reliable affordable power supply to several industries and large commercial entities in Aba and environs. A dedicated 27km gas pipeline has been constructed for the project which will ensure reliable transportation of gas fuel to the power plant from Shell’s gas gathering center, also in Abia State.

The Aba Integrated Power Project model is a landmark and innovative project model that will deliver reliable and stable electricity to businesses and residents of Aba. The conferment of the Lifetime Achievement Award in the Power sector is in recognition of Prof Barth Nnaji’s immeasurable contributions and achievement to the power sector.

We now invite Prof. Barth Nnaji to receive this Lifetime Achievement award.